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MIMS The Word

Last month I conducted a visit to the MIM(Musical Instrument Museum). Let's just say that this is probably one of the most exciting interactive museums in Arizona, or maybe even the world. The tour began with a check in at the front desk, literature(map/guide)and a ticket purchase. Part of the MIM ticket purchase included an awesome set of headphones(loaners only), and a free souvenir bracelet(same one on sale at the gift shop for less than $4.00). I was fortunate enough to receive a personal tour from the MIM staff. I later toured the museum on my own. The awesome headphones that I received at the beginning of my tour replaced my live tour guides. The interactive headphones are programmed to personally launch music, and details of each exhibit. It literally feels like a personal tour guide is in your head. The headset is aesthetically suitable, and adjustable for volume and comfort. The MIM has exhibits of each and every music instrument in the world(A-Z), including origin and history. There is a private children's area designated for younger kiddos. It has chairs ,tables and enticing brightly colored décor. Small group gatherings are held in this area. This children's area is kid friendly, and equipped with a family restroom close by for breaks. In addition to having instruments from every country,The MIM has an interactive area for children and adults. This is the area that I suggest you visit toward the end of the tour. I suggest this because this is the only area in the entire MIM space that actually allows the children and adults an opportunity to play the instruments. This interactive area taps into three of the five senses- Hear/Audio, See/Visually, Feel/Tactile. The other senses (Taste and Smell) are fulfilled at the Café.

The MIM has scheduled concerts, and a variety of classes and workshops for children, and schools. The music collections showcased are incredible. Music collection pieces have costumes, and clothing actually worn by the artists. I was literally star struck, at each turn.

The MIM has a Café called Café Allegro which features everything from locally grown to international cuisine. The café caters to all types of diets from Vegan to Gluten Free, with a unique variety of other exciting dishes to pick and choose from. I wrapped up my tour with a trip to the gift shop. I purchased postcards, and a beautiful key chain. The rubber red bracelet was given to me as part of the MIM ticket purchase. I added that bracelet to my souvenir bag.

The MIM is Family and Special Needs Friendly. I found the different areas within the MIM appealing to all. Sensory challenged individuals can step away from the areas that may cause sensory overload. The MIM has tours tailored for individual or in groups(schools, field trips, organized meet ups). Please call for information about group tours. There are elevators, and handicap parking out front. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, and can't wait to return back to the MIM to impress friends, family and visitors (from out of state). The month of March is Spring Break for the Arizona children/students. I would highly recommend a Staycation at home, with plans to visit the MIM on the agenda. Yes indeed "MIM's The Word", however I suggest you not whisper it.

Musical Instrument Museum


HOURS are Monday – Saturday 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

Sunday 10 a.m.–5 p.m.

First Friday of each month 9 a.m.–9 p.m.



Teens (ages 13–19)$14

Children (ages 4–12)$10

Children (ages 3 and under)Free

Women Who Rock$7 with museum admission

$10 exhibition only

Parking is free

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